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3 Reasons to Become a Data Science Professional in 2022

3 Reasons to Become a Data Science Professional in 2022

The demand for data scientists is higher than ever as businesses depend on data-driven decision-making. Companies are looking for technical professionals who can analyze data, find trends, and spotlight meaningful insights and discoveries. 

From mathematics to analytics and statistics to business acumen, data science professionals bring a wide range of expertise to the table. These skills make them key to effective business management. Their skills facilitate better decisions, predict outcomes, and improve operations. In today’s marketplace, these are key metrics to a company’s well-being and competitiveness.

Qualifying for entry level data scientists positions in today’s climate does not necessarily require a four year degree. Many employers recognize and accept accelerated programs, like a data science bootcamp. These programs provide the skills and knowledge needed to enter the industry in a condensed timeline allowing participants to step into the tech sector quickly.

If you’re still on the fence as to whether or not data science is the career path for you, here are three reasons to become a data scientist in 2022.

1. Increasing Global Demand for Data Scientists

As the business environment becomes increasingly digital dependent, the demand for data scientists is increasing. The result is a serious labor shortage in the field. This makes data science and its associated roles a good entry point for those interested in entering tech.

2. More Job Openings Means Shorter Job Search

As stated above, there’s a labor shortage for data science professionals and associate roles. And although competition for these roles can be high, landing a job is fairly easy compared to other sectors. The key is to have the necessary skills and knowledge to get in the door.

This is where CCS Learning Academy’s Data Science & Data Engineering Bootcamp program can help.

This is one of the best data science bootcamps on the market. It gives you the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience needed to land data science roles and get your tech career started. In 12 weeks, you learn all the latest technologies and applications you need to qualify for entry level positions.

Here’s a Sample of Top Industries that are Hiring Data Scientists:

  • Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI)
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Oil and Gas Extraction
  • Mining
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Digital Marketing
  • Cybersecurity
  • Ecommerce etc.

3. Impressive Starting Salaries

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for junior data scientists is $165k. This number increases as you gain more experience.Although tech positions historically outpace the salaries in other business sectors, data science salaries tend to be on the higher side of the tech scale from the start.

Again, today’s employers aren’t necessarily looking for a four year degree. They’re looking for experience and know-how. Data science bootcamp programs are a cost-effective alternative to the traditional university experience that can prepare you for these roles quickly.


In this post-pandemic landscape, the traditional rules for qualifying for tech jobs don’t always apply. A faster and less expensive alternative,  online data science bootcamp courses, like CCS Learning Academy’s Data Science & Data Engineering Bootcamp, accelerate your entry into this booming industry.

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