ITIL® Certification for Teams and Organizations

Successful and sustainable companies prioritize satisfying stakeholders and providing value to customers, and IT infrastructure and customer relations have become intertwined. Continual improvement of tech-enabled products is crucial and requires the use of AI, IoT, and data analytics. Only companies that focus on continual improvement can survive today’s dynamic market pressures. The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is essential for managing IT infrastructure to align with priorities and maximize value for the organization, stakeholders, and customers. ITIL includes hardware, software, processes, policies, equipment, and facilities that improve information flow and reduce overall IT costs.
Read, “ITIL® Certification for Teams and Organizations to understand the ROI effect ITIL certification for your employees can have on your company.

Are Cybersecurity Bootcamps Worth the Investment?

The cybersecurity sector is increasingly dynamic with high demand. Acquiring relevant technical skills is obviously crucial to enter these fields. Various training models such as live courses, online learning, in-person classes, hybrid models and even traditional university degrees exist, but the bootcamp format stands out as being the most efficient and least expensive. Inspired by military bootcamps, these programs provide technology training in a short period (8-12 weeks) and teach you how to tackle real-world problems efficiently.
Read, “Are Cybersecurity Bootcamps Worth the Investment? to understand the courses, roles and salaries those following this path can expect.

Professional Development Courses for Employees

94% of employees would stay longer in companies that are willing to invest in professional development for staff members. Also, 70% of employees are inclined to quit their current job to work for a company that invests in employee development and learning. Employees want to grow, and they stay with companies that help them do that. Unfortunately, professional development programs are frequently viewed as perk by management.
Read, “Professional Development Courses for Employees” to understand how supporting worker’s capabilities is a savvy investment in foundational skills that keeps your organization humming along smoothly. More importantly, it helps you build a vibrant corporate environment that attracts and retains top talent.

Certificates vs. Certifications: 5 Data Analytics credential secrets you need to know for career success

As businesses increasingly rely on data analysis for data-based business decisions and management strategies, high demand for data analysts continues and is expected to rise. The ongoing need for data analyst certification graduates makes the field an attractive career option. Gartner has found that businesses increasingly prefer data-driven decision-making to intuition-based decision-making, which probably accounts for why the data analytics market is growing at a compound annual rate of nearly 30%. Read Certificates vs. Certifications: 5 Data Analytics credential secrets you need to know for career successto gain more insight into the requirements needed for this important area of certification.

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