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ITIL certification: What it is and why it’s a great addition to your resume

ITIL certification: What it is and why it’s a great addition to your resume

More than 40 years after its introduction, ITIL certification continues to receive top reviews and remain relevant in today’s marketplace. Adding the ITIL certification is a sure way to boost your professional credibility and increase your salary.

Unfortunately, the ITIL certification is often overlooked by tech professionals. Not as well-known as other certifications, the ITIL certification offers a foundational knowledge set that benefits tech pros (and non-tech pros) in any field.

ITIL in a Nutshell

ITIL is the preeminent global framework designed with a detailed set of practices for excellent IT service management and delivery. ITIL without any doubt gives better direction to an organization and individuals to utilize it to the fullest to uplift business change, transformation, and development.

Earning an ITIL certification indicates you know how to effectively manage, use, and process tech-specific terminology or methods. The certification also shows that you have extensive knowledge of service management best practices.

The ITIL certification gives organizations and IT professionals an end-to-end model to face fourth industrial revolution challenges. In short, ITIL enables organizations to deliver top-tier IT-enabled products efficiently, at low costs, and have strategies to perform troubleshooting activities.

Why it’s worth the investment

As with any professional accreditation, earning the  ITIL Foundation certification opens the door to numerous opportunities, especially when it comes to paying scale. .  ITIL-certified professionals consistently earn 40% more compared to their non-ITIL credentialed peers.

Here are other advantages to investing in the ITIL certification.

Upskilling = advancement. Upskilling your knowledge and skill set positions you for advancement. Not only do you increase your skills and knowledge, but you show that improvement is important to you. It’s a clear sign to employers that you’re a go-getter.

Add value to your organization. ITIL-certified professionals bring foundational knowledge and skills to the job. Their ability to implement ITIL best practices to their organization’s infrastructure brings added value to the company as well as increases the tech ROI. Being ITIL savvy also reduces learning curves and unites teams bringing increased productivity and a better workflow to the tech team.

Competitive compensation. Growing your career includes growing your paycheck. Adding the ITIL certification to your resume ensures your income comes in at the top of the pay scale. On average, ITIL-certified professionals earn up to $100,000.

Management-level thinking. Employers always value employees who can think big. The ITIL certification helps you develop a holistic view of business processes and functions that facilitates better system management. It allows you to connect technology decisions and operations to the larger business landscape.

Meet industry standard levels. The ITIL certification helps IT administrators become business service partners rather than back-end support. The ITIL framework guidelines meet the global ITSM standards, including ISO/IEC 20000. ITIL-certified professionals use the right ITSM strategies to understand how these standards impact the organization’s goals.

Earn the ITIL 4 Certification

Although ITIL 3 Foundation credentials remain relevant in today’s landscape, the ITIL 4 certification rolled out in 2022. Candidates and IT professionals are encouraged to update their credentials to ITIL 4 certification. ITIL 4 allows candidates/professionals to look at ITSM through an end-to-end operating model. This in turn helps professionals effectively create, deliver and improve on tech-enabled products and services.

Key ITIL 4 topics:

  • Service management concepts, including service relationships and value creation
  • ITIL’s seven key practices
  • ITIL service value system (SVS), including guiding principles and the service value chain
  • The four dimensions of service management

Who qualifies for ITIL Certification

ITIL certification is for anyone seeking ITIL foundation certification or is interested in aligning IT with business. It’s also a good fit for those interested in learning how to control or reduce IT costs and improve IT service quality.

IT professionals, IT members, IT project or team members, network operators, business process analysts, coordinators, system integrators, help desk managers, planners, managed service providers, app developers, and others in the tech field benefit from ITIL 4 Foundation certification training.

How to pass the ITIL 4 certification exam on the first try

The ITIL Foundation certification exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions. The passing evaluation is 65%, meaning you must answer 26 questions correctly.

The CCS Learning Academy’s ITIL® 4 Foundation Certification Training is designed to fully prepare you for the exam. Taught by ITIL experts, the course covers all the key service areas, the SVS, one-on-one mentoring, and more. Want to know more about our top-of-the-line ITIL certification training?