Adobe Photoshop cc Advanced – Web and Video Training Course


Are you already good at Photoshop but want to enrich your knowledge and learn more about the best selection techniques available?

CCS Learning Academy brings you an advanced Adobe Photoshop CC program helping you to skill your experience. CCS Learning Academy is a trusted corporate training institute offers IT and business training to students and professionals at all levels since 1997. Our Adobe Photoshop CC advanced web and video program will help you to enhance your knowledge and catalog your own work with more efficiency and dedication.

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Master The Critical Tools With Advanced PhotoShop CC

Web designers, graphic designers, and illustrators must have 100% knowledge and experience in editing with this critical designing tool. CCS Learning Academy as a trusted expert in the Technology Sector presents you with an advanced instructor-led Adobe Photoshop cc Advanced – Web and Video Training Course that will help with video and image editing more effectively.

Who Should Attend The Adobe Photoshop cc Advanced – Web and Video Training Course

The course is made for everyone who has an interest in Photoshop along with professionals who are involved in digital media.

Professionals involved can attend our course:

  • Desktop Publishing
  • Website Designing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Digital Video Editing
  • Multimedia Designing

We teach you the photoshop standards and advanced Photoshop Tools and techniques to breach the gap between educational knowledge and industry standards and also help you upgrade your path.

What is Photoshop CC?

Photoshop CC is the creative cloud version and is a high-level version of the Adobe Photoshop family.

Together with Photoshop Lightroom and Photoshop CC becomes the larger version of Creative cloud. In addition, mastering this imaging software helps professional photographers and video editors manipulate or work with various kinds of digital images.

Photoshop CC was first raised on June 2013 with several upgrades released each year until 2020. CCS learning Academy offers training based on Photoshop CC 2020 – the latest Photoshop version. It will significantly help you to improve your portrait selection and several patterns for creating the design.

A Glimpse Into Our Adobe Photoshop cc Advanced – Web and Video Training Course

The Adobe Photoshop CC video and web course are hosted by experienced instructors. We cover each and every detail so that you become professionally ready. In fact, we have gathered all the advanced level knowledge and experience required to grow your career.
Here is a glimpse into our course:

  1. Adobe Bridge
  2. Advanced Compositing
  3. HDR
  4. Setting up a 2.5D Effect for Animated Photos
  5. EDITING Video
  6. Working with 3D Images
  7. Preparing Files for the Web
  8. Vanishing Point
  9. Animation
  10. Actions
  11. Designing Graphics for Video

All details of our course are mentioned in the course outline. You can have a look to know what we will cover in our 2-day design and multimedia course on Adobe Photoshop CC advanced Web and Video.

What Are The Benefits You Can Enjoy After Completion Of The Course?

CCS Learning Academy helps beginners and working professionals build exposure into their careers.

We have been offering design and multimedia training and also IT training with the aim to enrich young minds.

Here are a few benefits that you can get after you successfully complete the photoshop cc training

  • Learn about the agile platform which has become more comprehensive than the previous versions.
  • Our Adobe Photoshop CC Training will give you the hands-on experience that you will need to enter advanced career opportunities in multimedia and video editing.
  • After the completion of the Adobe Photoshop cc Advanced – Web and Video Training Course, you can get the opportunity to join top companies as we will properly prepare you for the role.
  • In a world filled with visual content (graphics and videos), mastering Photoshop and its editing techniques will make you more efficient and quicken your project delivery.
  • CCS Learning Academy will always help you to upgrade your resume and application for jobs like graphic designing, multimedia designing, photography, and also digital video editing.

Why Should You Enroll In The CCS Learning Academy Adobe Photoshop cc Advanced – Web and Video Training Course?

Our Adobe Photoshop CC course on web and video is exclusively designed and delivered by the CCS Learning Academy team of experts. We not only focus on the fundamentals of the CC version of Photoshop but also help our students get into the advanced level Tools and techniques with great clarity.

The best things about our program are:

  • It is an experienced instructor-led class
  • Gives you hands-on experience on life projects
  • Give the proper subject clarity along with collaboration with classmates
  • There are various added course bonuses like tuition reimbursement, flexible payment plans, course discounts, and much more.

Besides, if you have any questions or doubts related to our multimedia course, we can set up a conversation with our learning experts.

Our team will properly guide you regarding the Adobe Photoshop CC course and also the schedules available. Feel free to get in touch with us.

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