Developing with Spark for Big Data (TTSK7505)


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Course Description:

Learn advanced Big Data and Spark skills to access disparate databases, integrate Machine Learning (ML), and establish streaming solutions.

Apache Spark is an important component in the Hadoop Ecosystem as a cluster computing engine used for Big Data. Building on top of the Hadoop YARN and HDFS ecosystem, Spark offers faster in-memory processing for computing tasks when compared to Map/Reduce. It can be programmed in Java, Scala, Python, and R along with SQL-based front-ends.

With advanced libraries like Mahout and MLib for Machine Learning, GraphX, or Neo4J for rich data graph processing, as well as access to other NoSQL data stores, Rule engines, and components, Spark is a lynchpin in modern Big Data and Data Science computing.

This course introduces you to enterprise-grade Spark programming and the components to craft complete data science solutions. You’ll learn core big data and Spark development techniques and industry practices. This course is offered in Java, and with some alterations, Python, Scala, and R.

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5 days