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CCS Learning Academy has chartered the ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Auditor training to guide candidates manage security risks more effectively. Based on the PECB Lead Auditor certification training curriculum, we have created a customized training course for IT security analysts and employees.

ISO 27001 awareness training is extremely helpful as it comprises all the present technology updates and security insights in today’s current landscape.

With CCS Learning Academy learners are able to access all of their learning plans and services, during the classes. We focus on accelerating growth of the young minds, and with our ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Auditor training you can gain complete control of both real-life scenarios and also educational knowledge.

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Understand ISO 27001 With Our Training Courses

ISO 27001 certification course by CCS Learning Academy can guide you to understand and implement the information security processes following all the requirements and standards. Our instructor-led classes will give you a proper appreciation of the process structure and the standards.

ISO 27001 awareness training will begin with an introduction to the information security management system, audit principles, onsite audit activities, and certification exams.

What Is the ISO 27001 Certification Course?

Based on the need for organizations to improve their information security management system, ISO 27001 sets out standards for organizations to manage their security standards. By addressing the people and technology and using the best approaches, the iSO 27001 framework helps organizations to set, operate, implement and monitor and also improve their security standards.

At CCS Learning Academy we use our expertise in the industry to formulate a comprehensive course for all internet security enthusiasts and the result is ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Auditor Training.

Who Can Attend the Course?

This course is intended for those who want to make their profession as audit leads. Therefore, anyone who wants to become one of the following can apply to the course:

Information security managers

Information security consultants

Information security analyst

Information security engineers

Expert advisors seeking knowledge in security management

    To attend ISO 27001 training course you will require a comprehensive knowledge of security management or audit principles. This course is delivered by expert practicing auditors; therefore, it will be easy for you to gain knowledge of the best audit practices.

What are the benefits of the iso 27001 certification course?

As organizations adapt and grow, people involved in maintaining security standards lose sight of their responsibilities. Our training course does not only offer you overall insights on information security but also ISO 27001 awareness training for employees.

CCS Learning Academy makes sure that when you enroll in our course you will be able to identify all the threats. Mentioned below are a few benefits of the iso 27001 certification course:

Improved work structure and focus

Reduces the need for repeat audits

Save costs for the company with skill buildup

Helps you to prepare more effectively for the examination

Improved work profile by being a certified professional

ISO 27001 certification training by CCS Learning Academy is customized with security updates and will guide you to provide a third-party evaluation with perfection for the organization you will be working with. Therefore, join us to upgrade your security protection skills.

Why Choose CCS Learning Academy for ISO 27001 certification?

CCS Learning Academy has been in the education sector for years. Therefore, you can enjoy the complete benefit of the training we provide. We are the pioneer of IT learning and we help our candidates to become job-ready information security professionals.

Instructor-led classes:

The iso 27001 training is an instructor-led training aligned with the best practices of cybersecurity. Our instructors have years of expertise in this field and they are professional auditors working for CCS Global Tech. Therefore, having them as your mentors, you can clear out all your doubts easily.

Updated Course syllabus:

Based on the present market trends and updates we have designed our course following the ISO 27001 guidelines. To attend the course, you will need some knowledge of the PDCA cycle. Moreover, our course includes an information security management introduction, audit principles, learning about the onsite audit activities, closing audits, and certification exam.

Thousands of applicants have benefitted from our iso 27001 certification course. In case you are looking forward to upgrading your knowledge feel free to get in touch with us.

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