Leading a Customer-Focused Team


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Your product can be stellar, your staff can be super talented, but the one thing that customers are most likely to remember is their direct interaction with your employees. The secret sauce to great customer service and support is the people who deliver it.

This webinar shows you how to coach your team to transform their mindset from a transactional one to a relational attitude which leads to enhanced customer connections and improved loyalty. Using the four “A’s” of effective coaching, you’ll discover how to take stock of your employees, take action to correct weaknesses, and boost their satisfaction and engagement across the board.

You can have the best, most efficient and customer-friendly processes in the world, but they will fall apart if your team is not motivated, not happy, or doesn’t work together well.

The bottom line: this course reveals a proven method to create a consistent culture where teams take ownership and are held accountable for meeting and exceeding customer expectations

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