Leading G.R.E.A.T. Virtual Teams


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Have you suddenly been parachuted into managing virtual employees?

You’re by no means alone!

And while the technology is there to provide connectivity and enable work to get done, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re naturally comfortable in the role of a virtual leader with the tools and techniques necessary to keep your employees present and effective in their work.

Yet the research clearly shows that “effective leadership is the number one factor that influences success in a virtual organization.”

How virtual work gets done is different. Though you have the skills, you’re now required to use them differently and in ways that are most effective when you and your people are working at a distance.

Using the G.R.E.A.T. framework, this webinar walks you through a new approach to thinking, planning, and organizing using an array of hardware, software, apps, personal resilience and emotional intelligence. You’ll learn how to lead in a virtual environment using components of Goals, Relationships, Empowerment, Agility, and Trust to guide you to success.

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