Oracle 11g: Programing with PL/SQL eLearning



Course Description:

Oracle Database 11g delivers economies of scale on easily managed low-cost grids, making it easier to:

  • Reduce cost of downtime with maximum availability architecture
  • Change IT systems faster using Real Application Testing
  • Partition and compress data to run queries faster using less disks
  • Securely protect and audit data, and enable total recall of data
  • Make productive use of standby resources with Active Data Guard

This course addresses Oracle Database 11g programming with PL/SQL and is focused on:

Oracle Database 11g: PL/SQL Fundamentals

  • PL/SQL Variables, Attributes, and Executable Statements
  • Using DML, DDL, Cursors, Control Structures, and Loops
  • Using Data Types, INDEX BY Tables, and Cursors in PL/SQL
  • Working with Exceptions, Subprograms, JDeveloper, and REF Cursors

Oracle Database 11g: Program with PL/SQL

  • Getting Started With PL/SQL
  • Using DML, DDL, Cursors, Loops, and Control Structures
  • Using Data Types, INDEX BY Tables, and Cursors
  • Using Exceptions, Subprograms, JDeveloper, and REF Cursors
  • Subprograms, Packages, and Exception Handling
  • Packages, Dynamic SQL, and Coding Considerations
  • Using Triggers and the PL/SQL Compiler
  • PL/SQL Code and Dependency Management

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