Tech Jobs for Veterans: Why tech is a good fit and how to land tech jobs

Tech Jobs for Veterans: Why tech is a good fit and how to land tech jobs

You’ve transitioned from military to civilian life or are in the process of doing so. It’s a brave choice you’ve made because this decision brings all sorts of complexities and uncertainties. Even if you served for only four short years, two realities are guaranteed: you’ve changed, and the world has changed. How are you going to navigate this unfamiliar landscape? What kind of work are you going to be able to find?Transitioning from your military life into the civilian world takes effort, but it’s something you’re capable of doing. And you have plenty of organizations to help you as you complete your transition.When it comes to finding work though, one area where you’re better off than the Veterans who transitioned 20 or 30 years ago is that you served in an extremely high-tech military; every serviceperson uses technology to some degree to accomplish their missions. And since tech is so important to businesses nowadays, you’re immediately valuable to these organizations who have jobs for Veterans. With the knowledge you already possess, and a little extra training, you can be ready to start a career in the IT sector.

What you offer to employers

Not only are you knowledgeable of, or at the very least comfortable with, technology, but you’ve also acquired a lot of soft skills during your time in service that place your miles ahead of other people competing for jobs. You may not even consider things like self-discipline or teamwork as “skills” because they became second nature to you while you were in. But these, and many others, are skills that people who never serve simply don’t have.Also, consider the trust the US government placed in you. Did you hold a security clearance, or did you have at least a special background investigation to allow you access to sensitive information? Your clearance—even if it was just Confidential—is something that most civilian job hunters cannot achieve. And when it comes to jobs for Veterans, if you’ve held any security clearance, you’re seen by employers as being trustworthy. The DoD and Big Tech are especially eager to hire people who’ve held security clearances. And if yours is still active, that’s an extra bonus!

Why you want to work in the tech sector

Technology is the future, and the future is now. If you want a future-proof career, then tech is where you’ll find jobs for Veterans. And with the training you’ve already received during your time in the military, moving into the tech sector will be a breeze. One thing you need to do is translate the skills you have into a language that employers can comprehend. Any tech training you received while you were in the military can be conveyed into a language that employers can understand.

How to build on your skills

Your time in the military prepared you to face challenges, and you have the basic tech skills that today’s employers are looking for. But where can you build on the skills you already have to give yourself the edge, you’re looking for in your job search?That’s where CCS Learning Academy comes in.We have an array of programs to help you not only build on the skills you have but also to teach you new skills—skills that are in demand in the tech sector.In addition to our top-level tech training, we have programs and partners that allow us to place trained Veterans like you into in-demand positions. Not only that, but we can also place you in any tech job, whether for a single project or for a permanent position.Contact us today to learn more about all that we offer so we can help you get the training you need to start your lucrative career in the IT industry.