The CISSP: How it Can Help Your Career

The CISSP: How it Can Help Your Career

Cybersecurity is an ongoing concern for organizations big and small. This heightened awareness puts cybersecurity professionals in high demand. The global shortfall for these jobs is expected to exceed 4 million, according to predictions.

Nearly 10,000 CISSP-required positions are posted every day in the U.S. For aspiring CISSP candidates, this is great! The jobs are out there. Which means adding the CISSP certification to your resume is a career-booster.

However, earning the CISSP certification is no small feat. Here is insight into what the process involves and the requirements you need to meet to earn the certification.

The CISSP Exam

To be CISSP certified, you have to pass the certification exam. Passing requires  high caliber cybersecurity skills and knowledge. Professional skills as well as technical expertise are essential.

The exam is a six-hour, multiple-choice test. To pass the CISSP exam, you need a minimum score of 700 out of 1000.  Cybersecurity knowledge and other information technology concepts are included. We strongly recommend taking CISSP certification online prep courses to ensure you pass on the first try. Successful candidates are usually experienced security managers, security analysts, or chief information security officers.

We strongly recommend using a CISSP certification training course to prepare for the exam. These programs typically include study guides and materials that ensure you prepare for all domains covered on the exam.

Other CISSP requirements

In addition to passing the certification exam, there are two other requirements to earning the CISSP certification:

  1. Five years working experience

CISSP candidates must have 5 years of experience in the cybersecurity space in order to qualify for certification. CISSP is considered an advanced certification and therefore candidates need high level technical knowledge and skills. Security manager, asset security, risk management, etc., are among the eight cybersecurity domains required for the certification. CISSP certification requires this experience.

  1. Obtaining Approval to Become a CISSP

Once you pass the certification exam, you must be approved by the CISSP board. This requires knowing the certification’s code of ethics and having your  Your work experience verified.

How CISSP certification helios your career

Becoming a CISSP leader affords you myriad career opportunities. The CISSP certification is recognized worldwide and the available roles are many. From security consultant to security manager to security director, the CISSP certification provides credibility and helps distinguish you from other job applicants.

CCS Learning Academy’s CISSP certification training

We know working professionals have busy schedules. We help you grow your career by offering online and instructor-led CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) Exam Prep training programs. You choose which learning schema is best for you and your goals. You can add the CISSP certification to your resume on your own schedule with this (ISC)2 online CISSP certification course.

Course Description

With CCS Learning Academy’s online CISSP certification training course, candidates can prepare for the rigorous certification exam anytime and anywhere without sacrificing quality.

The course provides comprehensive coverage of the eight domains of the CISSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK), including information security concepts and industry best practices. Any organization or government entity can benefit from learning activities designed to facilitate the implementation and management of security programs.

With this online CISSP course, you’ll access video content from (ISC)2 Authorized Instructors – CISSPs who are subject matter experts. In order to reinforce content and increase knowledge retention, course activities incorporate real-world scenarios and industry topics. A series of instructor Q&As follows the discussion of each CISSP exam domain, providing real-world advice and tips from previous candidates.

CISSP Certification Training Online Includes:

  • A 180-day period following the date of purchase is provided for access to recordings and course content
  • An electronic version of the official (ISC)2 Student Training Guide
  • Nearly 30 hours of expert instruction in more than 300 pre-recorded videos
  • Learning flashcards that are interactive
  • Learning and reading activities on your own
  • Scenarios based on real-world cases
  • Every domain is followed by a knowledge check
  • To gauge exam readiness, post-course assessment questions are provided

Due to the industry-standard nature, global recognition, and vendor neutrality of this CISSP certification training course, we offer it online. Training materials from (ISC)2’s best CISSP program are combined with expert instruction. On your first try, you can expect to pass the CISSP exam with this program.

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