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Want to Become a Business Intelligence Analyst? Here’s How to Do It!

Want to Become a Business Intelligence Analyst? Here’s How to Do It!

The growth of IoT-connected devices, IoT-based sensors, ever-increasing internet users, and a dramatic increase in social media activities allow organizations to acquire vast volumes of data.

Data, according to many industry experts, is the “new oil” driving organizational efficiency, maximizing performance, increasing revenue, and impacting customer experiences in today’s information era.

However, having a large amount of data is useless if businesses are unable to extract meaningful insights that allow for data-driven, informed decision-making.

The growing need for data to achieve organizational objectives has thrust Business Intelligence (BI) into the spotlight making BI/Data Analysts highly desirable.

The demand for BI analysts will expand by 21% between 2014 and 2024, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

This ongoing demand for data analysts is the perfect opening for those interested in entering the tech industry. Stepping into the profession is more doable than you think.

Here’s some basic information to consider to help you determine if the BI/data analyst role is right for you.   

What is a Business Intelligence Analyst

business intelligence analyst examines a company’s data acquired in order to help the company make educated decisions that increase efficiency. Business intelligence analysts use a variety of tools and methodologies to query databases, analyze trends, and prepare reports for management. Their goal is to leverage a combination of big data and business knowledge to generate actionable insights that help their company gain a competitive advantage.

What Does a Business Intelligence Analyst Do

A business intelligence analyst is responsible for assessing and analyzing data in order to discover areas where the company’s efficiency and productivity can be improved. This in turn helps move the company towards its overall goals. A business intelligence analyst’s responsibilities vary based on the firm and industry they work for, but they usually include the following:

  • Examining business operations
  • Validating and reviewing consumer data
  • Analyzing and controlling the findings of analytics and metrics
  • Examining competitor data and observing how they respond
  • Developing data collecting and analysis of policies and procedures
  • Identifying areas where business strategies and procedures can be improved
  • Using reports and presentations to provide data and solutions to executive leadership

How to Become a Business Intelligence Analyst

To become a business intelligence analyst, you can take a variety of routes.

Professional Certificates or Online Courses. Earning a professional certificate or taking an online course can help you develop skills like data analysis or Power BI knowledge. Certificates or online courses, which often do not require BI experience, often provide flexible scheduling and delivery options that make it easy to incorporate into your life.

CCS Learning Academy provides instructor-led data analyst training that teaches business intelligence analyst fundamentals.

Bachelor’s Degrees: Bachelor’s degrees provide both the technical and critical thinking skills that a BI analyst requires. Consider a quantitative field such as finance, mathematics, or data science for your study.

Master’s Degrees: A master’s degree helps you transition into a business intelligence analyst career by building on your past experience and education. When determining which field is appropriate for your master’s, it’s a good idea to examine your previous experience.

A master’s in data science is a good fit if you’ve worked in the business for a while and need a better data background. If you have a strong understanding of data analysis but want to learn more about business, an MBA program with a concentration on business analytics could be the answer.

Fasttrack your BI Analyst career with CCS Learning Academy’s Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Bootcamp

Earning a four year degree and a Master’s may not be possible for you. In fact, with the current labor shortage in the tech industry, many employers are more concerned with your skills and experience than your education.

Our Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Bootcamp program is an 8-week deep dive into all things data analytics and BI. You leave the program with the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to step into the field fully prepared.

And there’s a bonus: We help our graduates find jobs.

Business intelligence is a wonderful field to consider if you’re interested in both business strategy and data analytics technologies. BI analysts also earn more than other IT experts, and they’re needed in a variety of industries.

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